Our Vets

Dr Geoff Chapman

Dr Geoff Chapman

Dr Geoff Chapman

Geoff graduated from Melbourne University in 1982 and began his career in Mildura in a mixed animal practice.  After a short stint in horse practice in (ironically) Berwick, he purchased his first practice in East Kew in 1984 before realising that Berwick was the place to establish for the long term.

In partnership with Simon the practice has grown from a two vet practice operating from a converted house to a purpose built (1999), 5 vet, highly equipped veterinary clinic and hospital that now is the largest practice in the City of Casey.
Geoff is an academic associate for the University of Melbourne and he is also certified to treat  hyperthyroidism in cats with radioactive iodine.
Geoff has four pets at home: Jessie & Misty (the cats), Ruby, the cavalier king charles cross, and Pearl, the cavalier cross cocker spaniel.

Dr Simon Drummond

Dr Simon Drummond

Dr Simon Drummond with Mocha and Gypsy

After graduating from Melbourne University in 1981, Simon worked in mixed practice in Mildura and Broken Hill, gaining wide and varied experiences. In 1985, he moved back to Melbourne to a small animal practice before purchasing the Berwick Veterinary Hospital with Geoff. Berwick is held in special regard by Simon as many of his relatives hail from this district, and are commemorated on honour boards for WWI and local institutions such as the Berwick Bush hospital.

During the last two decades, Simon and Geoff have strived to develop a first class veterinary hospital that has continued to grow and improve. Simon has professional interests in surgery and radiology, recently achieving certification as a PennHip member. He is an academic associate for the veterinary schools at the University of Melbourne and University of Sydney. As befits a family with four children, Simon has many pets, but his two poodles, Mocha and Gypsy, are his favourites.

Dr Tracy Wong

Dr Tracy Wong Berwick Vet

Dr Tracy Wong & Savannah

Tracy joined the team in 2012. She graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2010 and started working at a small animal practice in the Western suburbs before beginning her time here at the Berwick Vet Hospital. Tracy has an interest in small animal surgery and internal medicine.

Tracy shares her home with a white Shepherd called Savannah, (pictured), and her feline friend, Mao, who was rescued at Christmas time in 2007 after struggling to survive on the streets of Melbourne.

Dr Kristin Camp

Berwick Vet Dr Kristin Camp

Dr Kristin Camp & Frenzal

Kristin graduated from Virginia Tech in 2007. She worked in the States for four years and then did volunteer work in Africa and the South Pacific Islands. She moved to Melbourne with her husband in early 2014 and has recently joined our team.

Kristin had to leave her cat, Gladys, in the States with her parents so she is currently looking for a furry friend who needs a home. She is pictured here with a client’s dog, Frenzal. In her free time Kristin trains for Triathlons.

Dr Vicky Wade

Dr Vicky Wade & Ella

Dr Vicky Wade & Ella

Vicky joined the team as an inaugural graduate of the University of Melbourne’s Doctor of Veterinary Medicine masters degree; having also completed a Bachelor of Science with major studies in human pathology and immunology. A lover of all animals, Vicky has a particular interest in exotic companion animal welfare and medicine.

Vicky’s family consists of her three ‘oodle’ dogs, two Devon Rex cats and an eclectic assortment of birds. When she has a spare moment, Vicky enjoys obedience and agility training with her eldest pup, Pepito. She is pictured here holding a client’s guinea pig, Ella.