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Here’s to another TEN!

A BIG congratulations to Nurse Casey who is celebrating 10 years at BVH! We are thrilled to have Casey's smiling face back in the clinic, after being on maternity leave in recent months - we hope to hold onto her for another 10 years!

Senior Pet Health Month

By now, you may know that cats and dogs are considered senior citizens after the age of 7 years. As they reach into these golden years, it’s important to know that their needs will continue to change and develop - often in rapid progression. We always recommend...

Happy and healthy senior pets

Senior pets are special. They are loyal and loving and in most cases, will have been through a number of major life events with you. The senior years can creep up on our furry friends and most people aren’t even aware that dogs and cats are classified as senior when...

Are you arthritis aware?

Our pets are more likely to feel the effects of arthritis during the colder weather so as winter approaches, now is a good time for an arthritis check with us. Most of the signs of arthritis are subtle and you may not even realise your pet is in pain.  Arthritis is...

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