Our Vet Nurses

Our Support Staff includes veterinary nurses and receptionists.

You will meet them at the front counter, where they will be happy to help with most general health queries as well as give sound advice on diet, heartworm, intestinal worming and flea control for your pet.

Our nurses perform many vital roles in our hospital.

They have extensive experience in animal care both while your pet is in our hospital and assistance with your outpatient care.

In surgical cases they supervise the comfort of inpatients before, during and after procedures.

When a pet is under anaesthetic, they closely monitor (see Technology) the anaesthesia and as a result, anaesthetic complications are very rare.

Nurse Mandy

Mandy joined the team in 1998. Her career in vet nursing began in the late 1990s and has included two years of emergency medicine and some time spent working in Tasmania. Her prior experience involved strapping for showjumpers.

Mandy’s equine friend, Dippy, keeps her busy outside of work. She shares her home with a boisterous Labrador called Zac, a three legged Mastiff called Bonnie and a 20 year old cat called Thomas. She is pictured below with a client’s cat, Maddy.

Nurse Casey

Casey joined the team in 2009. She brought with her a wealth of experience from her role at a cat rescue shelter and her involvement with a community farm. She holds a Degree in Biological Science from Latrobe University where she majored in genetics and zoology.

Casey shares her home with a rescued feline friend called Momo. She is pictured below with a client’s dog, Matilda, who is a German Wire Haired Pointer.

Nurse Megan

Megan joined the team in 2010. She is a qualified vet nurse. She shares her life with an assortment of animals, including her horse, Archie, her Golden Retriever, Cooper, and her mini Dachshund, Schnitzel.

Megan is pictured below with a client’s dog, Harley, who came in for castration.

Nurse Christina

Christina joined the team in 2011 after working for several years in various branches of the animal care industry. She is a qualified vet nurse and she is vegan. Christina is a member of Sentient (The Veterinary Institute for AnimalEthics) and VALE (Vets Against Live Export). She also occasionally works as a sessional teacher of Animal Studies at a local TAFE college.

Christina is pictured below with her feline friend, Max, aged 18, whom had just recovered from a pinnectomy, which removed cancerous lesions from his ears.

Nurse Teniele

Teniele joined our team in 2012. Her passion for animals, and her concern for their health and welfare, has lead her to become a trainee veterinary nurse. She is currently studying Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing and is aiming to graduate in 2015.

In her spare time Teniele enjoys spending time with her many animals at home, including her rescued kitten, Felix, and her Golden Retriever x Poodle, Marlee, with whom she is pictured below.


Belinda joined the team in 2006. She is an animal attendant and oversees the weekly cleaning roster.

In her spare time Belinda enjoys visual arts, including photography. She shares her home with a rescued feline friend called Gamush, but is pictured below with Chilli, a client’s Jack Russell pup.


Emma joined the team in 2012 as our dedicated receptionist. She has an extensive background in the health industry, including managerial and administrative roles.

Emma shares her home with a sweet natured Boxer named Willow, and two cheeky ferrets, Chuggy and Millie. She is pictured below with Milko, the bunny, who came in for castration.