The COVID-19 pandemic has raised several challenges for our community, particularly when it comes to social isolation. However, our pets are likely to be enjoying the perks that arise from all this extra time at home! Here are a few ideas to help both you and your pet enjoy social distancing a whole lot more:

  1. Get some fresh air and exercise by taking your dog for a walk. Be sure to keep safe by following the social distancing rules of 1.5 metres between others.


  1. Host a mini pamper session – massage, brush and groom your pets. This can include dogs, cats, rabbits and even horses! They’ll love all the extra attention and they’ll look fabulous!


  1. Play games like tug, fetch, hide and seek – or even make a treasure hunt for your pet using their favourite treats.


  1. Teach your dog a new trick


  1. Cuddle and talk to your pet – they’re great listeners and are known to help reduce anxiety. Here’s a great link to an article by Beyond Blue – Pets and their impact on mental health.


Here’s Abbey and Shadow enjoying some extra cuddles with our Practice Manager Jess.