Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

by | Jan 22, 2024


With Australia in the midst of Summer, it’s a great time to talk about what we can do to keep our pets cool ????

Old, young, unwell and brachycephalic (short nosed) animals are particularly heat intolerant – so being proactive pays off ✅

1. Ensure that your pet has access to shade and ample water – these are the most basic requirements that all animals should have access to, at all times! ???? ⛱

2. Early morning or late-night walks to avoid the heat of the day during summer ????. Pavement and concrete really heat up during the day, and can cause seriously painful burnt paw pads ????.

3. On days that are particularly hot – no walks/outdoor exercise at all! Your hound may be less than impressed, but health comes first! Exercising on hot days can cause overheating and heat stress – when the body’s internal temperature rises above normal. This can send bodily organs into failure and result in death. A walk just isn’t worth it ????.

4. Providing shallow wading pools to lie in/drink from ????????????

5. Increasing the water content in your pet’s diet – either by adding in wet food, or simply adding water to dry kibble feed ????.

6. Freezing your pet’s treats or food in ice-block/plastic containers – this is also a fab way of keeping your pet busy ????

7. On hot days with high humidity animals struggle. The safest thing to do is keep your pet inside, with air conditioning ❄️????

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Keeping Your Pets Cool This Summer

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