Is your pooch up to date with their vaccinations?

Just like us, dogs require regular vaccinations to help protect them against contagious and preventable disease.

Your pet’s vaccination schedule will depend on their age, lifestyle and previous vaccination history. Find out exactly what they need here: website.


6-8 weeks: C3 vaccination

12 weeks: C5 vaccination

16 weeks: C5 vaccination

The C3 vaccination protects against distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus. A kennel cough vaccine also protects against parainfluenza and bordatella bronchiseptica. Together this combination is known as a C5 vaccine – this is a core vaccine recommended for all dogs.


Dogs require yearly booster vaccinations to provide long term immunity. A C5 booster is given one year after their 16-week puppy vaccination.

If your dog is exposed to farm environments, stagnant water (lakes, rivers etc) or rodent populations, consider including the leptospirosis vaccine in your dog’s schedule. The initial course is given at 12 and 14 weeks, followed by a yearly booster.

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