Zac has quite the rap sheet when it comes to his medical history –

      • – Mast cell tumour removal and removal of left eye
      • – Right cruciate ligament repair (ACL)
      • Left cruciate ligament repair (ACL)
      • Plate removal from right leg
      • Laryngeal tie backand not surprisingly he had been struggling with some of his everyday activities – balancing to go to the toilet, climbing the stairs, running, and manoeuvring around obstacles. He didn’t even trust himself to go swimming anymore, one of his favourite activities.

When Dr. Tracy suggested trying a new treatment known as Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy, the latest treatment for joint disease and injury, Zac’s family were hesitant. At nearly 16 years old and having undergone several previous surgeries this was understandable. However, “with Dr. Tracy and Mandy’s reassurance we decided to try, in the hope of giving Zac a renewed lease on life”.

PRP therapy is a day procedure that involves the collection of a blood sample from the patient, spinning this down in the lab and concentrating the plasma and beneficial growth factors in the plasma portion of the blood. While the patient is sedated, the sample is injected into the joint, where it stimulates healing of inflamed tissues, improving pain relief and function of the joint, utilising the body’s own ability to regenerate and heal itself.

Within a week after surgery Zac became a lot more energetic and it became difficult to keep him resting! He is back leaping and bounding through the long grass, running up the stairs and toileting without hassle. He can swim at the beach again with confidence and doesn’t struggle with the walk back to the car.

“My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner”.

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