Meet Buster – a 5-year-old Domestic Short-hair.  He paid Dr. Candace a recent Sunday visit with a limp tail. He was eating and drinking well but appeared to be having difficulty toileting overnight. Upon examination, Dr. Candace noticed an abnormal lump on the base of his tail leading to the conclusion that our little friend had undergone what we call a tail pull injury.

Tail pull injuries can damage the nerves that allow movement of the tail, as well as normal toileting functions. Over the next week, Buster was placed on multiple modes of therapy including medications to help with toileting, manual expression of his bladder as well as sessions of acupuncture with Dr. Tracy to aid in his recovery. After his first acupuncture session, Buster urinated unassisted the very next morning!

After a week of tender love and care, we are happy to report that Buster’s tail function has returned to normal and he is now capable of using his litter tray in private!