This month’s bravery award has been well and truly earned by Gracie.

After falling unwell at home, Gracie’s concerned family brought her to the clinic for some help. As a non-desexed dog, Dr Candace was quickly able to diagnose Gracie with pyometra – a severe infection where the uterus fills with pus!

Emergency surgery to remove the uterus was imperative. This is normally a straight-forward operation performed routinely during desexing procedures.
However, Gracie’s uterus was very diseased and fragile – it could rupture at any moment. She was also already very weak and suffering with heart disease.

With all hands on deck, Gracie’s surgery was a complete success. She was discharged home for nursing care the very next day!

Gracie was feeling much more like her old self at her recheck appointment. We’re sure she’s looking forward to having those stitches out!

Love large, little Gracie.