It seems Yuki had her dates in a muddle – Take Your Pet to Work Day isn’t for another few months.

Yuki, the 5-year-old Domestic Shorthair was willing to do anything to hitch a ride to work with her Mum, Nurse Casey. She decided to take a bath in engine oil, landing herself a clinic visit and a haircut she may live to regret.

Besides being tough to remove from the skin and fur, engine oil poses a serious risk to a pet’s health should it be ingested or absorbed into the skin. Upon arrival at the clinic, Dr. Tracy performed a thorough physical examination, ruling out any immediate risk to Yuki’s health. Thankfully, everything checked out well, and the process of removing the oil began. Interestingly, dish detergent works as well to remove oil from cat fur as it does to clean birds after oil spills. Yuki was a good sport, being particularly cooperative while she was bathed, followed by a complete body shave! Those of you who own cats, will know that bubble bathes generally aren’t a favourite for most feline family members – hence why we think this little girl is very deserving of this months bravery award (and it might also help boost her confidence after a rather revealing haircut!).

We’re pleased to report that Yuki has remained in good health and has bypassed any adverse side effects. Yuki’s story is a great reminder to keep any toxic substances well clear of these inquisitive family members.