Our Bravery Award this month goes to the well-deserved Tummy.

When Tummy’s owners noticed he was having trouble urinating, they promptly scheduled a visit to see the BVH team. A thorough examination by Dr. Isabelle revealed an abnormally large bladder and suspected blockage.

With his condition being potentially life threatening, a quick decision was made to take Tummy to surgery to remove the blockage and empty his bladder.

Once his bladder was emptied and flushed, a urine test was performed to determine the cause behind this painful condition. Microscopic examination revealed a bacterial infection and urine crystals.

Tummy recovered well from his anaesthetic and was sent home with a course of medication and a specialised diet to minimise the risk of future infections.

Tummy returned for a revisit several days later, receiving the all clear from Dr. Candace.

Urinary issues can be a common problem, seen in as many as 1 in 5 male cats.  Changes in toileting habits can often be a sign of urinary problems and shouldn’t be ignored. Our friendly staff are always here to help should you have any concerns about your pet’s health and wellbeing.