Family Pet Plan

As experienced veterinarians, we treat unexpected emergencies with much loved family pets every day, and we know how any emergency can impact the family budget.

The Family Pet Plan has been created to assist in these cases.

Members of the Family Pet Plan are entitled to a reduction of 30% discount on all consultations, surgeryx-rayanaesthetics and hospital care. Unlike most pet insurance schemes, it also covers routine procedures like de-sexings and vaccinations.

The Family Pet Plan is renewed annually, and there is a reduced annual fee if more than one pet from the same household is a member.

The Family Pet Plan can only be used for services at the Berwick Veterinary Hospital. Drugs, pathology and blood testing, external referrals, specialist fees, over-the-counter sales, out of hours and home visits are excluded from the plan. Pre-existing conditions are also not covered.

Enquire at the clinic for full details.